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Become A Member


Who Can Join?

We are an Open Bond Credit Union. Anyone can join who is earning a salary or has source of legitimate income and can prove it with supporting evidence/documentation.

How To Join

Must complete an application for membership and provide the following documents:

  • Picture ID (Passport/Drivers License)
  • Confirmation of Employment-Job Letter/Legitimate Source of Income – evidentiary documentation.
  • National Insurance Card reflecting current address

Deposit for opening the account (cash or cheque) $278.00  VAT included:   

  • $200.00 – Equity Shares
  • $50.00 – Qualifying Shares (Non-withdrawable)
  • $5.60 – Entrance Fee $5.00 + 0.60 VAT charges
  • $3.36 – Service Charges $3.00 + $0.36 VAT charges
  • $5.60 – Identification Card (I.D.) $5.00 + $0.60 VAT charges
  • $13.44 – League Fee* $12.00 + $1.44 VAT charges

*($1.12 per month or $13.44 a year thereafter)

Confirmation of Address using any of the following:

  • A copy your Utility Bill
  • A copy of a Credit Card Statement
  • Voters Card

You should note that you are encouraged to save a minimum of $50.00 per month towards your Ordinary Share Account that will be opened at the time of your account opening deposit. This amount is required if you want to participate in our loan products.

The Membership Application form is to be completed and returned to our office IN PERSON. Our Office Hours are between 9:30am - 4:00pm Monday through Thursday and 9:30am-5:00pm Friday.




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